Hello and Welcome to Fluid

  • Mentos

    Mentos Editor: John Piccolo Director: Steve Bendelack

  • Travelocity

    Travelocity Editor: Zeke O'Donnell Director: Zach Merck

  • USTA

    USTA Editor: John Piccolo Director: Jared Hess

  • Vicks Dayquil / Nyquil

    Vicks Dayquil / Nyquil Editor: Peter Sabatino Director: Paul Schneider

  • Denny's

    Denny's Editor: Zeke O'Donnell Director: Theresa Wingert

  • Crest

    Crest Editor: John Piccolo Director: JJ Adler

Fluid is an editorial company complemented by a community of innovative artists offering the complete spectrum of post-production services including award-winning original music, sound design and mixing, 2D / 3D design, VFX and CGI.