Fluid Editorial, Inc.

  • IKEA

    IKEA Editor: John Piccolo Director: Simon Cole

  • Cadillac

    Cadillac Editor: Peter Sabatino Director: Terry Rayment


    ADAPTOYS Editor: Jim Rubino Director: Charlie Mysack

  • Geico

    Geico Editor: John Piccolo Director: Rob Boocheck

  • Trident

    Trident Editor: Heather Danosky Director: Tom Malmros

  • Air Wick

    Air Wick Editor: John Piccolo Director: Jonathan Herman

  • Garnier

    Garnier Editor: Heather Danosky Director: Juan Delcan

  • Cadillac

    Cadillac Editor: Heather Danosky Director: Chris Romero

  • Toyota

    Toyota Editor: Peter Sabatino Director: Sam Ciaramitaro

  • Pepsi

    Pepsi Editor: Joe Klotz Director: Lee Daniels

  • Budweiser

    Budweiser Editor: Zeke O'Donnell Director: Michael McCourt

  • Coffeemate

    Coffeemate Editor: Michael Elliot Director: Charles Nordeen

  • Hotel Indigo

    Hotel Indigo Editor: Zeke O'Donnell Director: Adam Donald

Welcome To Fluid. We Tell Stories.

Fluid is an editorial studio complemented by a community of innovative artists offering the complete spectrum of post-production services including award-winning original music, sound design, audio mixing, color correction, design, animation, and finishing.